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Lee Robson Spence
B.1989, Plymouth, UK

Lives and works in Chicago

Artist statement:

It’s the spontaneous nature of our minds which has been at the centre of my long fascination with creating visuals, even before I knew it. What’s in there beyond the thinking? What does that look like? A place beyond thought, somewhere more natural, inate. The subconscious. Intuition. Can we understand more about ourselves through representing this place with colour, shape, composition, created in an act of spontaneity? I think a lot about contrast. Duality. Reality-dreams etc. Dreams are more often than not abstract, it feels to me that within our attempt to understand the abstraction there induces a full state of inquisition, of presence, perhaps leading us further along the journey towards getting to know why we do what we do, make the decisions we do, feel how we feel. Can all of these things be captured in a painting? Music on a canvas.


2007 - Plymouth College of Art


Works held in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom and France

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